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Arthur Kay & The Originals - Top UK Ska Band

King's Hall, Herne Bay 2nd September 2016

Here we go again! Arthur Kay & The Originals are to play an hour long set at The King's Hall, Herne Bay in aid of The Pilgrims Hospice. Tickets from:
Kings Hall charity show

London Ska Festival, March 2016

Once more with feeling! Arthur Kay & The Originals are reforming for a one-off special as part of the 2016 London Ska Festival. The band will perform at The Garage, Highbury Cnr, London N5 (opp. Highbury & Islington tube)

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Arthur Kay's first Ska records were released in the 1970's and although these early recordings were not a big commercial success, they helped in starting the massive British Ska movement of the early 80's and have had an influence on Ska and Reggae bands ever since.
The Originals have been Arthur Kay's and the late Judge Dread's backing band since the 70's.

OK - The sound doesn't fit with the video. This is because the video was shot at a Ska Club in London (I think) and the sound recording taken from a gig in Europe.
Thanks goes to our old recording engineer and radio producer friend Chris Ashman for welding the two together and inserting some historic and unflattering images of the band.
Note that we have Kev Bowyer guesting on bass guitar.
Other musicians are: Toby Hoskins (guitar), Steve Wyse (drums), Roger Goodwin (sax), Trevor Griggs (Hammond) and Me - Arthur Kay!

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